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Patrick Schwab

Patrick Schwab 07.07.2008 11:49 Uhr

Patrick Schwab

Art Director Neue Medien

Eine wirklich faszinierende live Visualisierung findet ihr auf der Seite von Markus Kison. Bei dem Projekt „Pulse“ werden Beiträge, die über blogger.com veröffentlicht werden, analysiert und anhand ihres Inhalts aufbereitet. Aber schaut selbst

(via infosthetics)

With increasing possibilities in rapid prototyping and physical computing technologies we head towards new directions in interfacing the world. new developed intelligent surfaces differ from well known news media like tv as much as the content of private weblogs differs from world wide especially for the news industry produced "pseudo events" (d. boorstin). additionally with the blur of borders between technology and art the too large relevance of rational information is contrary to the "beauty of the data" that lies within. on the one hand this project deals with this change from a concrete information interface towards an experiment about being connected in a more intuitive, emotional way and on the other hand it aims to give data an autonomous aesthetic expression that is independent from the meaning of the values.
as a consequence this is a news object concentrating on emotions: "pulse" visualizes live the recent emotional expressions, written on the private weblogs of blogger.com. those expressions are parsed using a list of synonyms, which refers to robert plutchik's psychoevolutionary theory emotion (1980). In his theory plutchik describes eight basic human emotions, which together with their weakened and amplified alternatives form a 3d cone consisting of 24 areas. this diagram is the basic shape of "pulse" which can enlarge in 24 directions. each time a synonym of pluchik's basic emotions is found in a blog entry written during the last minute the shapeshifting object transforms itself in a way that the new volume represents a tiny piece of the world's current emotional condition.
the process of neutral emotion analysis in contradiction to their semantic meaning seeks to be intuitive experienced in the materializations of glass, motors and a vulnerable shape.



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